The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado




The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado



The Dance Collective offers a variety of ongoing classes in jazz, lyrical, ballet, pointe, tap, hip hop, technique, stretch and strengthening on a weekly basis. The Dance Collective is home to a regional and national award-winning team comprised of dancers. We have performed in regional and national competitions, philanthropic and community outreach programs, fund-raisers, banquets and assisted-living communities.


Our Competitive Dance Company is a nationally recognized, audition group that performs and competes outside our annual studio showcase. Our competitive dancers have received top honors at many competitions.

The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado


The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado

Our Competitive Dance Company is a nationally recognized, audition group that performs and competes outside of our studio performances. Our competitive dancers have received top honors at many competitions. These dancers also get the option to go to conventions and trainings all over the US. They have so much fun together and become a true family.

Auditions for Company are held in the spring after our annual dance showcase. Please contact us if you would like more information.

  • 2021 Recital will be May 27th at the Riverwalk Center in Breckenridge, CO. Doors will open at 5:30pm and show starts at 6pm. Tickets will be available at the door.

  • Summer Classes will begin in June. For registration and/or information please call or email.

  • The 2021-2022 dance schedule will be available beginning of June.



The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado
The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado

Mandy was the highlight of my time at Summit School of Dance. She brought CoMotion together and made us a family. She pushed us as dancers and as people to become better, even when we didn’t want to. Mandy went above and beyond with her choreography, always looking for unique dances that stood out from others at competitions. She researched the best competitions and conventions for our team to learn, grow, and have fun. From the first “Parents Just Don’t Understand” hip hop dance she taught me in the third grade, to the multi-level production Michael Jackson tribute, to my senior solo she choreographed in my last year at Summit School of Dance, Mandy’s dances were always memorable, fun, and challenging.


Being a student of Mandy Sherrar has forever changed my life as a dancer and made me the human I am today.  Since age three, I’ve been an avid dancer and performance art enthusiast.  After years of admiring the Co. Motion dancers (from a Mini Co. Motion dancer perspective) I finally joined the crew in high school and began my competitive career.  During these years, Mandy guided me to be a holistic dancer; we learned to think about the physicality of the movement, how to connect our emotions with the movement, and how to exemplify dedication, hard work, and compassion.  We became a family. The lessons I learned while dancing with Mandy shaped me into a performer and a leader.  Following high school, I was promoted to Captain of the Buff Gold Dance Team at the University of College at Boulder and was later recruited to dance professionally with The Schiff Dance Collective.  In retrospect, it was the influence of Mandy Sherrar who encouraged me to become the dancer I wanted to be; she taught me how to embrace movement, perform genially, and demonstrate leadership.  I am forever grateful for her love and dedication to the art.  Love you Mandy!

The Co. Motion Dancers – A brief memoir by Tasia Scott

I was a part of CO.Motion with Mandy for 10 years of my life. Throughout those ten years, many things changed but dance stayed the same. From the Saturday’s spent getting ready for competition to the countless hours in the studio during the week, dance was my outlet and she led the way. Mandy taught me many things beyond how to straighten my legs or point my toes. She taught be how to carry myself as a strong woman and listen to music deeper than the surface level because there are so many details you miss. She taught me to work hard and be proud even when you don’t win. She is a mentor, a friend, a leader, and above all she care about each person who will let her show to them what dance means to her.

Casey Doran 

The Dance Collective Dillon, Colorado


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